HOME: a s(and) Collective Exhibition opens Friday, October 6th, 2017

Home is both a place and a space in our minds. Home can refer to the intimacy of our domestic spaces, the specificity of a geographic location, the nostalgia that is recalled by our five senses, and a place of refuge and safety that exists among family, friends, and community. In this exhibition, a group of 12 Albuquerque artists from the s(and) Collective share creative expressions of their notions of home, within the context of their work together as artists.

s(and) artists in this show are Lea Anderson, Angela Berkson, Jill Christian, Stephanie Lerma, Jessamyn Lovell, Kelly Eckel, Dana Lynn Kleinman, Valerie Roybal, Cedra Wood, Rachel Popowcer, Heidi Pollard, and Shawn Turung.

October 6 – October 26, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, October 6, 6-8 pm

Harwood Art Center
1114 Seventh St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 (7th & Mountain)
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Gallery hours: Mon-Thurs, 9 am – 5 pm and Fri, 9 am – 4 pm